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momma suz

We will forever be proud of you, perseverance is the most important detail. We respect the hurdles you have overcome, we expect you will continue that path. You are an amazing young woman.
Momma Suz, Dad


you are a truely remarkable girl. I've been reading your blog for the past months and you give hope to those of us that believe we can't pass any standards. Because of you I worked up the courage to try and get into the military. Although you can't serve you are still a roll model and I salute you!

Bob W

Not sure about how you wern't qualified for military service when you graduate. I'M happy to hear you didn't give up. If medical, have you tried Waivers? they usually will give you a waiver if you're persistent. NEVER give up, and remember the oath you took when you came as a Rook. "I will try"
My other son, a senior is going the AF OTS route, due to not being chosen for AF FXT. He too won't give up.
My other son a Junior, has his AF slot, and is also seeing how the words "I will try" materialize into a career.
Please keep all of us posted. remember " I will try" and never give up. You're a fighter.

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