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Derek Lotito

I just received my boots, and they happen to be steel toe. I had thought they weren't. I have heard that steel toe isnt recommended, but does it really make that much of a difference? Ive heard the steel toe gets cold in the winter and makes it harder to run. Any help would be great


i found that just a good pair of summer boots and investing in quality winter socks (darntough or smartwool) helped a lot. If you're used to VT winters then this is the way to go.


Just an FYI..... Buy some good light summer boots (bates, altimas, rockys) and a good pair of insulated boots for winter (belvilles, altimas). No steel or composite toes (cold, heavier, crush injury could occur). Even if you are used to VT winters, cold wet boots are always a bad day. I would invest in some suede waterproof spray for both and possibly insoles. As an alumni and veteran, I have had many experiences with many boots and different weather types. Do you research and get good fitting, comfortable, and useful boots/socks.

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