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He sometimes looked at his watch as he drove along the lanes, timing the pace of his horse by the hour, that he may reach Carriford Road Station just soon adequate to meet the final London train.He soon started to notice inside the sky a slight yellow halo, close to the horizon. It quickly increased; it changed colour, and grew redder; then the glare visibly brightened and dimmed at intervals, showing that its origin was affected by the powerful wind prevailing.He trotted on again, attempting to particularize the neighborhood attributes in the neighbourhood from the fire; but this it was as well dark to accomplish, as well as the excessive winding of the roads misled him as to its direction, not getting an old inhabitant with the district, or maybe a countryman employed to forming such judgments; while the brilliancy in the light shortened its genuine remoteness to an apparent distance of not more coach than half: it seemed so close to coach that he again stopped his horse, this time to listen; but he could hear no sound.
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