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Brennen Cornell

Why a military college but a civilian lifestyle? read my post no one is commenting on anyones posts!!!


It was the right fit for me. When I applied, I thought it was so interesting to be learning along side the people who will e saving our country. When I visited, I felt at home and knew it was the right place for me.


So you are a civilian and still have a great time? you sound like a sweetheart! Im a junior in high school and im looking at Norwich just for civilian life (nursing) and i was scared that it wouldn't be normal to do that!! I talked to KT about this and she said it was fine to go to Norwich without being a cadet! I have questions for you!
1) is it weird being a girl going to an almost all guy school?
2) was it hard to get accepted here?


Hi, I'm a student of UFRGS. If you want know about the university and the university life here on Brazil, visit our blog
Thanks :3


Hello, I'm a university student from Brazil and my class is reading your profile. Just to say: Having a brown hair doesn't make you a weird person :) Here in Brazil, for example, we have people with a lot of hair colors.


Hello, Stacy ! Your story is very interesting ! I'm from Brazil, and we're doing an activity very simillar to the one you've made it, which is writing a profile. How`s your University life going after 2 years ? Have you changed your mind about anything ? Waiting for your reply ;)


Hi, Stacy, i really liked reading your introduction because I have a friend who's studing at Norwich as well. I'm from a university called UFRGS, and it's in Brazil. I study English and soon i will have my profile published on I'll enjoy if you visit it. Bye!


Hi Stacey, I'm from Brazil and I'm a university student. You're not a weird person, forget it. You're a normal person, a normal student. Hair, or physical characteristics
It doesn't matter at all.
I'm inviting you to get knowing our university blog. :)

Débora e Ana

Hello, Stacey! We are brazilian students from UFRGS and enjoyed a lot your blog. Would you like to tell us more about your course? We got interested to know about the university you choose because we have no similar instituition in Brazil :D

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