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  • As I'm sure most people know by now, there's not always a lot going on at campus or around the small town of Northfield to do. After a while, things start to get kind of boring and routine, and you just want something different than the norm. As I'm also sure most people know, there's a mountain nearby called Paine Mountain. Let me just preface this by saying that I hate(d) hiking. I would refuse any kind of hiking offer I got, because I don't understand the joy of huffing and puffing through nature. But in an effort to get out of our daily mundane routines, the roomie and I decided to go for a sunset hike. I won't lie- I was pleasantly surprised. I think the good company and the fact that it was a short hike really helped. We timed it exactly so that we would be at...
  • The Shaw Outdoor Center took students on a Kayaking trip to a really pretty waterfall!
  • It's a new month, which means a new change for door decorating. I'm not an RA or anything, but being at the beginning of our hall, my roomie and I like to decorate our door for the month or season just as something fun to do. Since it's October, we obviously had to go with a Halloween theme. If we're honest, neither of us are super into Halloween, but we both love all the spooky little bat and ghost decorations that come with it. Our RAs also created us new candy corn and pumpkin door name tags which fit in perfectly with our door theme. All this with the permanent installment of our custom door sign really brought everything together. I always think how glad I am to have a roomie that loves to do super extra things like this with me, and it's really nice to have something to...
  • Many of you may not know that I'm the photographer for MCW. Over the weekend we had and FTX (Field Training Exercise). Here are some great shots that I took hanging from a rope about 25 feet in the air.

    Over the weekend we did a lot of rappelling, ascending and lanes to work on our skills. The first year trainees earned their blackhats (a symbol of being in the company), and the level 2 candidates earned their ram's head device (a symbol of a technical assault climber). It had rained all weekend, so needless to say I was cold and wet, but that doesn't stop MCW from having fun!
  • Hey everyone here are some photos from the junior ring ceremony and dance! I love my ring so much. And I am so happy that I got it! Thanks for all the support!



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