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May 19, 2008


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Paul Bova

Good Morning to Everyone,

Thank you to Moriah for providing me with the link to your blog... I was ready to send out a search party for you all, as I had not yet heard from anyone.

Get Lakey some caffeine... she can be a cranky person if she doesn't have some. Also.. want some extra, free entertainment? Give Amy some tomatoes or watermelon... I am sure that will liven up eeryone's spirits!

Please keep the notes coming... I love hearing what you all are experiencing, and I am very envious of you all.


Martha Mathis

Greetings! I missed the first chance to send happy thoughts your way so....BEST WISHES to you all from here on "this hill"! Nicole, I learned to knit today at Service Day! :) Take care and know that you represent the best that is Norwich. Like Paul said...keep the notes coming. Thank you--Dean Mathis

Diane Arrato Gavrish

so great to read the journal entries - it makes us feel like we are there with you - diane arrato gavrish

Jessica Johnson

I love reading about your trip; the experiences sound so exciting and so real. Traveling and experiencing new cultures is such a passion of mine; you'll never be the same after this trip!

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