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  • Being a part of the Army Spring FTX is one of the most miserable experiences, but at the same time the most rewarding. We started the weekend on Thursday, with a night ruck of over 12 miles. By the time we got settled in our ORP, it was 0230 and we had to wake up the next morning at 0530. Friday and Saturday we had eight lanes in total. Each lane consists of receiving, planning, and executing a mission ranging from raids, to ambushes, to defending our area. The MSIII are graded on their leadership and tactics while the MSIs and MSIIs are there more for gaining experience. Sunday, the MSIIIs went to the range to practice shooting while the MSIs and MSIIs had land navigation on the mountains. One of our points was at the top of a mountain and a few feet away from the point was a...
  • Last Monday, our Cavalry Troop training class earned our Sabers, symbolizing the end of our training. It was great having the support of our rook brother, sisters, and cousins at our ceremony. We also were told our roles in the troop for next year although, I will not have a job in the troop since I will be the 5th Company runner. It has been a long eight or so months of learning horse anatomy, cavalry history, equestrian vocabulary, how to tack, and of course how to actually ride a horse. I’m proud of our training class and am excited to officially be a part of the troop.
  • About half of my platoon participated in the Norwegian Ruck March, an 18.6 mile walk/run with a bag containing a minimum of 25lbs. I was in a team with three of my rook brothers, which made it ten times more bearable - I definitely would never have signed up to compete by myself. Having teammates, we were able to keep morale high and encourage each other to push through. We were all together until the point marking the last three miles. Two of us ended up finishing in time to earn our pins - I finished within the male standard with a time of 4 hours and 28 minutes. The female standard allowed for more time of 5 hours and 15 minutes. Overall, we were all glad we participated in it, although our bodies were pretty messed up by the time we finished. Half the platoon was limping around for...
  • Honestly, this time of year is my very favorite. I know maybe I jump the gun on it a bit by playing Christmas music starting mid-October, but honestly, I have zero regrets about that. There's just something about the fact that despite it being freezing cold, the Christmas season is warm and cozy. Luckily, my roomie loves Christmas as much as I do and will happily belt out "All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey right alongside me. That's why when it came to decorating our door for December, we knew that we had to go big. Just wait till you see this one... Honestly, the 2+ hours it took was definitely worth it in our opinions. It was for sure the biggest undertaking of room 205, but it turned out pretty dang Pinterest worthy.
  • Pictures taken during Thanksgiving break in Burlington, Vermont.


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