In Their Words
  • My first weekend on campus was an experience I will never forget. I've met people from not only around the country but around the world. There's people from Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, Sweden, the Philippines, and many more.This gave me a broad view of how diverse Norwich is as a institution. This makes me feel like I'm at home as New York as people from all around the world. Students at Norwich are some of the most genuine people I've ever met in my life. I don't feel uncomfortable or intimidated to go and approach students. This previous Sunday I hiked up a mountain with the other civilian freshman and I made a lot of friends by simply just going up and starting a conversation with students. This is something that Isn't too common from where I come from. People in New York can be very standoffish, this definitely...
  • This photo is from Rookdom, in December 2018. As a freshman, my friends and I did a lot of volunteering in the community. Volunteering opened so many opportunities for us to see Vermont and to have an escape from the Norwich campus. As a rook, it’s nice to have a break - even if just for a couple of hours. This particular event was in the Northfield Square and on one of our breaks we were able to go see Santa. Many of my friends enjoy volunteering and are officers in the Rotaract Club on campus. This club is still in the early years so it can be hard to make as big of an impact as we would like, but we’re working on it! This photo is from this past year’s Thanksgiving dinner. This dinner is always one of the highlights - good food and a rook family reunion....
  • If you’re looking for something interesting to do, look on Facebook Marketplace. People are constantly selling strange items that can be fun to buy for yourself or as gifts for others. My sister was searching through the Marketplace and found someone selling a 8 foot tall sasquatch made of wood. After she put the info in our sisters’ chat, we all promptly agreed to pitch in and buy it to surprise our dad. I drove us a half hour to pick it up from this elderly man’s house, and we assigned our mom to distract our dad while we came home and carried the giant sasquatch to the backyard. My dad was thrilled when he saw it! He painted it and waterproofed it before positioning it against some trees in the backyard. It’s so big that neighbors walking by our house on the street can see it from certain angles.
  • Here is a picture I took in the hallway with the Snapchat timer. It's a common occurrence to walk into barracks and see people talking in the hallway. These hallway chats are often where people share words of advice of share cool experiences. I miss being able to walk down the hallway and interact with a bunch of people along my way out to class. This photo is from a gym session with some friends. It's crazy to think about the little things that we might have taken for granted like having the facilities available for us at school. It's hard to improvise at home and search for the motivation to workout by ourselves.
  • Please stay safe and healthy everyone! The best way we can stay healthy as a community is to stay home. Who do you stay home for?



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