In Their Words: Bloggers Bios

Bloggers Bios

Chapter 1: Introduction!

Hi guys and welcome to my first blog! To start, I'm Yoomide (you-meed) Millar (mill-R) but most people call me Mide; I'll be joining AFROTC with a Mathematics major and can't wait to share my Norwich University journey with you! A little bit about me: one way that my background may differ from most people is that I am a survivor of the 2010 magnitude 7 earthquake that shook my birth country Haiti. I was airlifted out of Haiti on the back of a C-17 Air Force cargo plane and upon arrival to America, I flew on the Colorado governor's private plane from Florida to where my adoptive parents were waiting for me in Colorado. Coming from such a unique background, when it came time for me to apply to college, I wanted a unique college that would give me more than the "ordinary" 4 year college would. I chose... Read more →




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